Danna Farms Inc. has consulted DFA of California to insure their facility meets minimum standards imposed on the walnut industry by FSMA. DFA of California conducts Walnut Huller Food Safety & GMP Audits annually to assist growers and huller operators to be compliant with industry regulations. See audit report.


Danna Farms Inc. is a member of Sunsweet Co-op, which is the largest producer of prune products in the world. Every year Sunsweet composes a stringent internal audit upon their growers and independent dryer operators to insure they are growing only the finest quality product for their customers. See audit certificate.

Melons, Cantaloupes, Squash

Danna Farms Inc. has utilized the services of Primus Labs for its Food Safety and Food Security Programs for melons, cantaloupes and squash. Primus is a leading third party provider of certification, auditing and testing services, and standards. Their goal is to recognize the highest levels of performance in food safety and quality. See audit reports.

Danna Farms Inc. also adheres to the standards implemented by the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board. In 2012 the cantaloupe handlers in California voted to implement the states first mandatory food safety program. Through this program the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board will include a food safety certification program requiring government auditors to verify that production and handling practices are being followed by individual handlers. See CCAB website