Prunus Domestica, or French Improved Prunes, are the purple, oval fruit of deciduous trees grown primarily in California’s Central Valley. The trees trace their lineage directly to cuttings brought from France to Santa Clara Valley by French vintners Pierre and Louis Pellier in the 1850’s. The fruit is dried after harvest.

Whether you call them prunes or dried plums, the Danna family has cultivated prune orchards continuously since 1912, first in San Jose, and since the 1960’s in Marysville. We dry our harvest, as well as prunes for other growers, in our 58 natural gas powered dehydrators at our Marysville facility. We are proud members of Sunsweet Growers, Inc., the world’s largest handler of dried tree fruits.

Did you know?

plums All prunes are plums, but not all species of plums produce a prune when dried.

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